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Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature

Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature is a writing development charity in Nottingham. It won the UNESCO designation in 2015, and event since, the organisation has embarked on an ambitious programme of championing the city as a 'literary city' and as a 'city of literature.' The organisation celebrates the city's literary heritage and the radical writers that helped Nottingham win the bid, including Lord Byron, DH Lawrence, and Alan Sillitoe.  But it also looks to the future generation of writers and is at the forefront of the cultural sector's national aims to tease out local people's creativity, nurture talent, and build an artistic culture with local people.

I was the Programme Manager at Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature. I worked with schools and libraries, teachers and librarians, charities, arts and cultural organisations to produce ambitious city- and county-wide writing development programmes with and for the city's young people. See the projects in more detail below. 


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