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MyVoice Creative Writing Competition

Virtual MyVoice was developed after the pandemic hit and the event was moved online. A showcase of the great and novel writing by young people in Nottingham.
Film by Alex Traska and Richard Bromhall.

Funded by Arts Council England, the MyVoice Creative Writing Competition engaged over 500 young people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to write poems, prose and scripts. The project recruited a panel of judges, published an anthology of winners, and delivered a celebration event scheduled for March 2020.

I set up the project, devised the marketing strategy, and worked with partners from the Young Ambassadors project and the cultural and voluntary sector in Nottingham to engage young people. I facilitated writers and teachers to run creative writing workshops in schools, communities, and Violence Reduction Units to drive entries to the competition. I recruited the judges and brought in the young ambassadors to promote the competition, recruiting one as a volunteer to the judging panel. I commissioned a publisher to produce an anthology of the winners. I wrote the introduction and acknowledgments. I planned an in-person celebration event, which I cancelled when the pandemic hit, and which I transformed into an online showcase, crippling the number of proposed engagements.

A digital anthology of Speak Up! is available to view below for free.


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