Richard is a producer, researcher, and writer based in Birmingham. He currently has two roles: Operations Manager and Producer with Friction Arts and Research Assistant with the Young Poets' Stories project at Nottingham Trent University and with University of Exeter. 
Richard has produced projects in the arts since 2016: Journey to Justice: Nottingham (2017; AHRC), Movements (2018; AHRC), Young City of Literature Ambassadors (2019-2020; Arts Council England), MyVoice Creative Writing Competition (2019-2020, Arts Council England, Nottingham Hospital Charity), Letters of Solidarity (2020; Arts Council England), Culture Club (2021; Birmingham City Council, Near Neighbours). Richard contributes to arts projects in numerous ways: he was a consultant for Journey to Justice's Economic (In)justice project (2020-), and he evaluated Nottingham CAN's I Come From project (2021).
Richard is also a researcher and writer. He is a research assistant at Nottingham Trent University and with University of Exeter on the Young Poets' Stories project (2020-). He has a PhD in English (2019), and currently, he works in education and youth studies research. He is co-writing an academic essay with Dr Frances Howard about Nottingham CAN's 2020-2021 poetry project due in 2022. His academic research and practice as a producer informs my evidence-based approach to arts work with young people. His first published work appeared in To A New Dawn (2021), a creative piece about connection during the pandemic. He is an experienced copywriter, producing online content for his work as a producer, and is the main copywriter for OTIUM Candles.