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Hello, I'm Richard Bromhall, and I'm a producer and programme director working in the arts and in culture. I am currently the Programme Director for Reimagine Redditch, an Arts Council England Creative People and Places programme. My expertise is in co-creating cultural projects with communities. This is the work I am doing now in Redditch, and it builds on the practice I developed as a producer with Coventry City of Culture Trust, Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature, and the National Justice Museum.

I build brilliant relationships with stakeholders to co-create projects that are about communities. The projects I deliver celebrate and amplify local cultures and create opportunities for individuals and groups who do not regularly participate in arts and cultural programmes. By platforming culture and people historically absent from the sector, I'm part of an emerging movement of practitioners that is re-asserting what culture is to help make communities feel proud of who they are, where they come from, and the culture they do. 
My background is in planning and strategy and I work with organisations to help them grow and become operationally sustainable and compliant. I implement policy, find funding and develop plans to deliver projects communities want while embedding them in the sector's national strategic aims.

I enjoy working across art forms and have delivered activities in music, dance, drama, sport, spoken word, literature and festivals. I have experience in delivering activities from intimate workshops and conferences to activities in found places and large-scale outdoor events. My aim is to get the right people around the table, dream big, and make magic happen.

What I can do for you:
  • Produce city-wide projects and programmes
  • Produce one-off projects 
  • Provide co-creation expertise and work with communities
  • Build relationships with stakeholders
  • Deliver projects with quick turnarounds
  • Strategise with your organisation to shape creative programmes and develop plans to achieve your goals
  • Fundraise 
  • Develop operational sustainability in your organisation
  • Work with universities to disseminate research into engaging cultural artworks
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