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“I had the absolute delight to work with Richard as part of the Collaborative City team at Coventry City of Culture Trust in 2022.  It was a joy to watch him engaging with the local communities in his patch (the South West of the city) and he gained their trust and respect within a ridiculously short period of time. His creative vision mixed with his determination and drive to get the show on the road was invaluable to the organisation.  He is also one of the calmest producers I have ever worked with and was a fantastic boost to the team at a time when we were all at maximum capacity.  I would work with him again in a flash.” 
Kate Danielson, Director, Western Jerwood Creative Bursaries, Jerwood Arts

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Richard at Coventry City of Culture on the closing ceremony parade. Richard has a reliable and easy going personality that had tremendously helped participants in our section ‘City of Light' to have the most enjoyable experience from the rehearsals stage right through to the post-parade elements. There were 30 participants in our section, including six children under 7, and Richard helped to make the whole experience fun and safe for us to get through 1.9 miles procession in hot weather. I hope he stays working in Coventry and I hope I get to work with him in future."
Nor Aziz, Founder and Director, Uniting Communities Foundation

“Working with Richard on Love Ireland was a breath of fresh air. He picked up the project late in the Coventry City of Culture year when I thought the project might not happen - and he rescued it. A lot of us working on the project had very little capacity, and Richard identified ways to make the project happen, while ensuring that Love Ireland was a project that was something the community really wanted. Richard listened to us, suggested ideas and challenged us, but he always respected and championed the stories and culture we wanted to showcase in the project. Richard could not do enough to support us in turning our dream into a reality. If you have the chance to work with Richard, don't pass it up."
Michael Fitzgerald, Trustee, Coventry Irish Society


"I had the privilege of working with Richard for the Love Ireland project. Richard and I managed to deliver the project within a 7-week time frame. His guidance was invaluable and his involvement when making big decisions for the success of the festival was crucial. As well as this, I learnt a lot about producing from him, such as evaluating the success of a project and pinpointing areas for improvement. I would work with him again in an instant."

Roze Navab, Producer and Managing Director, Twin Studios

"I had the pleasure of working with Richard at Friction Arts. He has a way of connecting with people from different walks of life; at Friction I saw him inspire the community artists while also being authoritative and likeable with senior managers and executives. What’s incredible about him is that he was able to form these bonds almost immediately. This does not detract from the fact that Richard is one of the most hard working people I have ever worked with. He was very organised, showed me how to get the most out of my time, and helped me develop as an artist and project manager. When I think back to people I have to worked with that I have respected, looked up to and aspired to be like Richard is on the top of my list. Hire him now!”

Heather Wilson, Freelance Arts Educator

I had a great experience appointing Richard as a Programme Manager at Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature. He shares my passion for diversity, access and equality in the arts. He really got what we were looking for in our engagement with young people and responded to their ideas to create something really unique and bold for the city. Richard brought a wealth of producing experience to Big City Reads, MyVoice and the Young City of Literature Ambassadors programmes. He also facilitated workshops and panel discussions with great energy and care. I admire the way he handles project planning and delivery in both a leadership and team capacity. I would love to collaborate with Richard again in the future.
Sandeep Mahal, Director, People Make It Work; Leadership Associate, Royal Shakespeare Company

"Richard's input [...] was inspirational, and because of him and his team's enthusiasm and commitment, I have been dedicating an awful lot of time recently to relaunching the reading culture in our school. It really is slowly starting to become a much more positive and visual part of the school and the children are beginning to re-engage again with reading. Our preparations for World Book Day 2020 are really exciting and we are hoping to make this the best ever."
Teacher, Nottingham Free School
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