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Young Poets' Stories

Image by Alfons Morales
Photo by Alfons Morales

Young Poets' Stories is an academic research project about young people and poetry. The lead investigators interview previous winners or highly commended entrants to the Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award. Many of the winners and highly commended entrants have gone on to have successful careers as poets, such as Helen Mort and Caroline Bird, and the project explores key barriers and opportunities to success the poets encountered. A series of academic publications and workshops will be delivered over the next two years to share the projects findings.

I am the administrator for this project and have supported the investigators deliver the project since May 2020. My role is largely as a coordinator. I manage data, organise events, and communicate with participants and audiences. I have also conducted academic literature searches for the project and will be involved in the project's outreach programme through to 2024.

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