I work with writers, artists, and producers in Nottingham and in the UK to develop and deliver creative programmes, including workshops, projects and other activities. I believe projects are best delivered collaboratively, working with diverse groups of practitioners to create innovative content and achieve tangible outputs for in-need groups. I am particularly interested in supporting working-class (young) people in the arts, facilitating access, and providing opportunities for content that reflects and speaks to working-class cultural interests. 
Getting to grips with complex economic, cultural and social inequalities is not easy, and my eclectic career history, with experience in both academic research and front-line service provision, means I am ideally placed to help you deliver meaningful project in the arts. If you are interested in developing work with me, get in touch.
As an experienced copywriter, editor, and fundraiser, I solicit project proposals from organisations and other collaborators to develop new projects, support writing-focused activity, and work ambitiously to achieve tangible results. As a highly socially skilled individual and effective communicator, I am able to build strong relationships to expand projects' user participation and attract funding.
I love words, but I fundamentally believe that actions are more important. With careful thinking, planning, and understanding, I believe that together we are able to make change for marginalised people by serving their needs, so they can make the choices too often denied them.
Keywords: arts management, project management, event delivery, strategy, funding, publisher, editor, relationships
I have worked with young people since 2011, first on the front lines, supporting projects to enhance aspiration in working-class communities, and second, as an arts project manager, delivering opportunities for young people to learn about their own histories and develop skills to help them achieve their personal goals. I have worked within Nottingham Trent's outreach departments, as well as in several arts organisations.
Accustomed to working in various contexts on both long- and short-term projects, I can easily work in a team as well as remotely to support the creation of educational materials, arts enrichment activities, and sessions to enhance aspiration with in-need groups, while also supporting teachers to embed materials into their future teaching practice. 
Keywords: schools, academies, universities, enrichment, education, arts
I love working with schools and organisations. One teacher shared this feedback on the impact my work had on its literary culture:
'Your input [...] has been inspirational, and because of you and your team's enthusiasm and commitment, I have been dedicating an awful lot of time recently to relaunching the reading culture in our school. It really is slowly starting to become a much more positive and visual part of the school and the children are beginning to re-engage again with reading. Our preparations for World Book Day 2020 are really exciting and we are hoping to make this the best ever.' (Teacher, 2020).
In late-2019/early-2020, I organised workshops for young people at an NHS Youth Centre and commissioned poet and workshop facilitator, Leanne Moden. Leanne had this to say when working with me:
'Richard's organised, thoughtful and engaged approach to producing the project really helped me to focus on delivering the sessions; he was calm, professional and friendly throughout the project, and really supported me in the initial stages, when we were getting things off the ground. I was really impressed with Richard's problem-solving skills, and his ability to work well with the young people, the NHS volunteers and the management team in order to ensure the project was delivered on time, on budget and with a high level of satisfaction across all participant groups. I would definitely work with Richard again in the future.' (Leanne Moden, Poet and Workshop Facilitator, 2020).
My fee varies depending on the project and length of work. To discuss your project, please drop me a line via the Contact page.