Writing & Research

Richard has a PhD in English, titled 'Refiguring Class: The Precariat in Contemporary Writing About Britain' (2019). It focused on social class after the 2008 financial crisis, and considered texts about Brexit, refugees and migration, millennials, and the white working class. He has also researched British fiction and 'chavs.'

Richard has since pivoted from literature to education and youth studies research. His research in these fields is entangled with his practice as a producer. He is currently writing an article with Dr Frances Howard (Nottingham Trent) about Nottingham CAN's I Come From project (due 2022). Richard's producing practice is underpinned by academic work, and he is interested in shaping a portfolio of research to develop meaningful work in the arts for and with young people. He also supports research as a Research Assistant and Administrator for Young Poets' Stories (2020-).

As a producer, Richard has written copy for various audiences, including the public, in academia, in arts sector settings, and for online consumption.